President + Principal, Shanon Doolittle + Co.

Shanon Doolittle

Shanon Doolittle has been fundraising for close to 15 years. Her unique, mission-driven events and campaigns have raised tens of millions for nonprofits of all sizes.

Fundraising with ease + cultivating meaningful donor relationships that last just happens to be my jam. As a fundraising mentor + donor care strategist, I spend my days helping non-profiteers + world-changers make a bigger difference in the world by teaching them how to develop happy, healthy + heartfully loyal donor relationships.

When it comes to fundraising + stewardship, I believe that gratitude is part of the asking, the key to donor loyalty is becoming your supporter’s biggest fan, and that creativity + personality is the best way to make your organization stand out from the sea of sameness.

And my mission? Is simple. To help you achieve yours. So if your donors are dropping like flies or you need a pep talk with a plan, introduce your amazing self. I’d love to meet you, see how I can help, or connect you with someone who can. After all, spreading philanthropic good vibes + connecting others is how I roll.

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